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Ask Casa: Petrified Wood and Ceramic White Stools?

Hi CasaSugar!
I am working on wrapping up my living room and would love to get a petrified wood stool and a ceramic white stool similar to those in Monique Lhuillier's house (that I am totally in love with), which was featured on an Elle Decor cover a year ago.

I've talked to Hudson Furniture in New York — they have the petrified wood but they sell at $1,200-2,000 each. I'm looking for something in the $800 range. As far as the ceramic stool, I've seen one from West Elm, but I'm not sure about the quality. I'm willing to spend up to $500 on something nicer.

Thanks in advance for your suggestion!


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Hi Pookie17,

Monique Lhuillier's house is indeed gorgeous, and the accents that caught your eye are particularly beautiful. Unfortunately, one of the other sources for petrified wood stools I found came in above the Hudson Furniture quote — Jayson Home and Garden carries a variety of petrified wood stools for around $1,500 each. The Chicago-based store Primitive also sells petrified wood stools, and you may have better luck securing a lower price through them. One suggestion I have, in lieu of the petrified wood stool, is the Roost Enchanted Forest Stool ($385), which is made of ceramic instead of petrified wood, but whose matte gunmetal finish gives it a rather realistic appearance.

As for the white ceramic stool, I'm a fan of (again!) Jayson Home and Garden's White Lattice Stool ($275). Instead of a geometric design, as employed in Lhullier's ceramic stools, this one uses an open lattice pattern to create visual interest. I also think that the west elm stool would be a good choice, though I welcome other readers' opinions on the durability of this particular piece.

Definitely check out the widget below to see if there are any pieces that strike your fancy as well.

Good luck!


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