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Ask Casa: Plants To Clear the Air

Hi Casa,

I just moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend, and although we love it, the previous owners left it absolutely filthy! We cleaned up dust, dirt, old food, and mildew . . . yuck! My little puppy and I are both experiencing allergies and there is still a stale smell despite cleaning like crazy.

Are there any plants that are particularly suited to clean the air in a situation like this? We would be working with indirect and indirect partial sunlight.

To see my suggestions,


Hi Lacornflakegirl,

Although you started out with a mixed bag with your apartment, it sounds like it's on the mend, thanks to your hard work. I looked for some plants that are great at purifying the air and are also nontoxic to pups, and here's what I came up with.

Try mums, which are great at purifying the air and also have a light, pleasant scent. Gerbera daisies also deal well with indirect light, and are great air purifiers. Another plant that you might put to work is a bamboo palm (shown here), though their growth sometimes occurs at funky angles, so you'll have to prune it occasionally.

I hope these plants will get your home smelling fresh. If your stale smell remains, even with these plants, try a natural air freshener, or whip up a no-sew sachet.

Hope this helps!
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