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Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Stop Now

Feb 28 2015 - 2:20pm

Your bedroom is your sacred space, which is why it can seriously mess with your REM sleep when it doesn't look its best. Let's be clear — there are certain decorating sins [1] to avoid no matter what room you're working on, but letting your bedroom fall into disarray is a major blunder [2]. So even if your bedroom is yours and yours alone, it's still best to make sure to avoid these style mistakes.

Source: Domino [3]

The Wrong Size Rug

Rugs have a way of warming up a space [4], but when they're the wrong size for your room, it can look just plain awkward. When you find yourself shopping for a new rug, make sure it's not too big and not too small, but just right.

Source: Ikea [5]

A Cluttered Desk

Sure, a designated room for a home office is ideal but not always possible. If you must bring your workload into your bedroom, just remember that a clutter-free desktop equals a clear mind.

Photo by Ruth Eileen [6] via Style Me Pretty [7]

A Crowded Closet

After a long week, it's safe to say that it looks like a tornado whipped through your closet, but it doesn't have to stay that way. These stylish closet-organizing tips [8] will ensure it looks as beautiful as you do!

Source: Domino [9]

Unframed Posters

Unframed posters looked great in your college dorm room, but once you graduate, it's time to upgrade your art. Ditch the Nirvana poster over your bed, and decorate your room with pieces from these affordable art sources [10] instead.

Source: Urban Outfitters [11]

Unsightly Laundry Piles

Leaving your laundry scattered around or in a heaping pile on the floor is a surprise that unsuspecting visitors will not appreciate. Instead, toss your dirty clothes in a pretty hamper [12] that you can keep tucked away.

Source: Domino [13]

Cord Overload

If your power cords have become a tangled mess, it's time for an intervention. Having too many things plugged in at once is not only unsightly, it's a problem. If you have no choice but to leave them out, these cord camouflage DIYs [14] will at least have them looking pretty.

Teetering Stacks of Books and Magazines

While showing off a few of your favorite reads is a great way to add character to your bedroom, going overboard is unstylish and just plain dangerous!

Photo by Ashley Capp [15] via Style Me Pretty [16]

Past-Their-Prime Flowers

The sweet scent of a freshly cut rose is a romantic touch in a bedroom, but once a flower has been sitting too long, a different kind of scent emerges. Enjoy your beautiful blooms, but know to let them go when the time arrives.

Source: Domino [17]

Kitschy or Mismatched Sheets

Bright colors and bold patterned sheets are a fun way to add flavor to a room, but when they're covered in bleach spots or a Buzz Lightyear print — they're not OK anymore.

Source: Domino [18]

Your Old Stuffed Animals

We know you'll always have a soft spot in your heart for your childhood play toys, but keeping them as snuggle buddies after you've left your parents' house is maybe not the best idea.

Photo by Kimberly Chau [19] via Style Me Pretty [20]

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