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This Biggest Loser Alumna's Home Transformation Is Just as Dramatic

May 7 2014 - 6:08am

What would you do if your life changed drastically and you needed your home to reflect it? Well that's exactly what happened to Stephanie Anderson, a Biggest Loser alumna who purchased her Hollywood condo five years ago when she was in her 20s. After a dramatic physical transformation and turning 30, she knew she needed to switch up her living space, too. So she turned to the geniuses at Homepolish [1], an interior design service that's constantly expanding (case in point: it recently opened in San Francisco and will soon be serving Seattle). For Stephanie — a busy advertising sales executive — a calm space was key, and she teamed up with designer Erin Kane to get the job done right. The end result is, well, just as fabulous as you'd imagine. See for yourself!

Source: Tessa Neustadt [2] and NBC [3]

First thing's first: Stephanie's vision. She wanted to create a space that would feel like a retreat after a long day. Thanks to Erin's help; a calming, neutral color scheme; and touches like a houseplant in the living room [4], she got exactly that.

Source: Tessa Neustadt

Something else that helps with the feng shui feel of the living room? Symmetry in the form of floor speakers, geometric accents, and small but spunky artwork.

Source: [5]Tessa Neustadt

For Homepolish designer Erin Kane, the best part of the makeover was the fireplace face-lift — it used to be a bright, glossy red and had a gas insert that was placed off-center. "I wanted to add texture and turn it into an architectural element rather than giving off a no-rhyme-or-reason feel," she explained. So she added a romo wallpaper from Thomas Lavin [6], and it instantly looked like a stone fireplace. Even friends who come over have a hard time believing it's not real.

Source: Tessa Neustadt

Speaking of wallpaper, the bedroom is covered in a dainty floral print. That's one way Erin worked with Stephanie to give off a mature but feminine vibe.

Source: [7]Tessa Neustadt

The year before the makeover, Stephanie had purchased her bed and wanted to work around the dark piece. To liven up the room, Erin brought in a textured rug and fun pieces like a giraffe accent.

Source: Tessa Neustadt

Something Erin added to the bathroom that we can all take note of: a lively wallpaper to bring texture and depth to the room. Lucite containers and trays also help give it a bright, airy feel [8]. (And an orchid isn't a bad idea either!)

Source: Tessa Neustadt

As for the kitchen, an all-white scheme brings sophistication, but a mosaic kitchen tile keeps it from feeling too bland.

Source: [9]Tessa Neustadt

In the end, Stephanie's vision came to life with Erin's help: a comfortable home she looks forward to seeing at the end of the every day. (PS: How fun are those pillows?)

Source: Tessa Neustadt

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