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Casa Quickie: Don't Throw Out Those Flowers!

Casa Quickie: Don't Throw Out Those Flowers!

Last weekend, I received a beautiful mixed bouquet of flowers from a dinner party guest. The flowers lasted for almost a week, and as I was getting ready to compost them last night, I realized that not all of the flowers were drooping or dead. In fact, there were enough left in the bouquet to make a second, smaller arrangement.

Before I pulled the flower bouquet out of its large vase, I carefully clipped the few still-fresh flowers at an angle on the stem, and then deposited them in a smaller vase. I mixed the water in the new vase with a bit of sugar and citric acid (you can use lemon juice), which will help to keep them looking fresh even longer. This way, you can stretch any flower arrangement, even a grocery bouquet, to greater lengths of time inside your house.

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