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Casa Quickie: Kids' Art on the Wall, Not the Fridge

Casa Quickie: Kids' Art on the Wall, Not the Fridge

In Amsterdam, a Dutch couple based its décor on a range of noncolors, using blacks and whites, asphalt, variations of gray, earth tones, and light — skillfully (and daringly) playing with blends and mismatches. In the playroom, they used the dark colors but made a bold move by wallpapering with their children's drawings.
Rather than letting their children run loose with fabric markers on a muslin sofa, they made large-format, black-and-white photocopies of their children's artwork and adhered them to the wall in a repeat, much like traditional wallpaper. This technique gives the children a sense of involvement in their home, without sacrificing taste. You may not have kids of your own, and maybe you find the drawings a bit unpolished. But, you can still use this technique of wallpapering photocopies with illustrations or imagery that's more refined. Just make sure there's a theme that runs through each image uniting them, such as the color scheme here.

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