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Casa Quickie: Porcelain Por Favor

Whenever possible, you should try to create a home (and office) that is "free of tree." Considering that most of you use cloth napkins and towels, you're probably well on your way. But, when it comes to giving yourself reminders, and jotting down notes, I'm going to venture to guess that many of you probably still use paper (Post-Its, notepads, journals, etc.). If it didn't scream "college dorm room," I'd suggest using a dry-erase board instead, but unfortunately the memories of freshman year run thick wherever dry-erase boards hang. So, consider cruising over to your cupboard, or stopping by your local thrift store, and picking up a porcelain plate. You can jot notes and lists down on plain ol' porcelain just as well as you can with a tree-killing notepad, using a dry-erase marker of course. And, at the end of the day, when you've checked A through Z off your laundry list, you can wipe off those letters with your handmade cloth napkin.
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