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Casa Verde: CowPots

They might not be the most glamorous choice, but CowPots are a brilliant gardening idea. Invented by brothers Matt and Ben Freund, these Connecticut dairy farmers were looking for a way to make their farm more sustainable. And since dairy farms all produce manure as a free byproduct, the brothers started there. For the past 10 years, they've used a methane digester on their farm.

The New York Times article "From Tons of Manure, a Growth Industry" further explains the Freunds' smart use of cow manure:

Beginning in 1997, theirs has been one of the rare farms in the United States continually extracting methane gas from cow manure in a digester. The methane can power a generator to save electricity costs, and the digester also removes the most pungent odors.

The digester also breaks down the manure into liquids, which can be used for fertilizer and solids, which are used for the CowPots.

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CowPots, which start at $7.99 per 12 pack, cut down on plastic in the horticultural industry. This is definitely good eco news, since the horticultural industry generates about 350 million pounds of plastic each year. To use the CowPot in your garden, simply drop the seedling in the CowPot into your garden plot, and the pot will break down in the soil. You'll want to bury the pot completely in the ground. Once it's covered, the pot will break down in the soil over a period of several weeks. Since CowPots naturally retain water, they're also a great choice for dry or desert climates.

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