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Casa Verde: Did You Know?

This month's Metropolitan Home has shined a light on a few great green ideas that are being implemented globally. Here's to being illuminated:

  • "Ireland is the first country to introduce a plastic bag tax, or PlasTax. The result? A 90 percent decrease in plastic bag use."
  • "In Australia, dual-flush toilets, which use 60 percent less water than single-flush models, have been mandatory in most new buildings and homes for years."
  • "Sweden offers tax reductions, free parking and exemptions from city congestion fees for citizens driving environmentally friendly cars."
  • "Since 2006, Spain has required that solar thermal energy power 30 to 70 percent of the domestic hot water used in all new construction and renovations."
  • "The Swiss must dispose of their garbage using government-issued trash bags. In Zurich, they cost 5 Swiss francs (about $4.50) per bag. The Swiss recycle as much as they throw away."

What smart eco ideas are being put to work in your neck of the woods?

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