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Casa Verde: Ikea Ditches Plastic Bags

Good news for those of us who hate plastic bags: As of October 2008, Ikea will no longer offer plastic or paper bags. Instead, the store will only offer reusable plastic bags to its customers. Last March, Ikea set a goal of reducing its US stores’ plastic bag consumption by 50 percent, reducing plastic bag use from 70 million to 35 million plastic bags in the first year. The store wanted customers to go reusable, and sold the sturdy Ikea blue bag for $.59.

And if Ikea customers weren't happy with that choice, they previously had the option of purchasing Ikea plastic bags for five cents, with all proceeds going to American Forests to plant trees to restore forests and reduce CO2 emissions. Since the "bag the plastic bag" program began in March of 2007, Ikea has donated more than $300,000 from their disposable plastic bag sales to American Forests.

I, for one, am looking forward to October, when Ikea is completely disposable-bag free.

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