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Casa Verde: Recycling Bins

You can't expect yourself to recycle if you don't designate a location for your used items. Your needs may vary depending on how many people you live with and what products you buy, so I thought I'd offer you several recycling bin options for home. Unless you have a city recycling program that lets you mix recyclables, you should be separating your recycling products (paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, etc.), so you might need a
bin or basket for each type. And, if you haven't yet, get yourself a composter, and get in the habit of composting. Also, consider whether you'll be keeping your recyclables inside your house or outdoors before you buy. After you choose what recycling system works best for you, make sure you know how your curbside recycling program works, and what type of plastics it accepts. If you don't have a curbside recycling program, definitely find out where your local recycling center is, so you can drop it all off!


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