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8 Decorating Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

Feb 11 2015 - 6:10am

We all know what pieces our closets shouldn't be without — hello, tailored blazer or little black dress. But when it comes to your entire home, do you know the essentials? We mean, besides the obvious (like a bed or a couch, for starters). Because really, what good is a home without the perfect cocktail glasses or art that speaks to you? Take a look at our must-have picks and chime in if we missed any off your list!

Sources: Todd Alexander Romano [1], Ashley Capp [2] via Style Me Pretty [3], and Lisette Mejia

Glass Cylinder Vases

Sure, we love metallic and ombré vases as much as the next person. But a glass cylinder one will never, ever go out of style. Plus, it'll complement any type of flower or branch you choose to display.

Photo by Ashley Capp [4] via Style Me Pretty [5]

A Textured Rug

A textured rug is a wonderful thing that'll instantly perk up your place. To keep it timeless and versatile, stick to neutral colors but go for patterns or fibers that scream unique.

Source: Todd Alexander Romano [6]


To whoever invented the tray — thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's one of the best-kept design pieces, thanks to its multipurpose nature. Use it to serve guests, to style your jewelry, as a nightstand catchall, or in this case, as a bar cart. The options are endless!

Source: Lily Shop [7]

Glass Tumblers

When it comes to timeless tableware, nothing beats the little tumbler that could. It's informal enough to use at home for weeknight dinners but formal enough to use to serve Champagne or cocktails at weddings. Hurrah!

Photo by Hunter Photographic [8] via 100 Layer Cake [9]


If you don't own a stool yet, you're missing out big time. They're incredibly versatile since they work as side seating, extra storage (say, beneath a console table), cocktail tables, or just as something pretty to look at (try styling them with books on top!). Bonus: they'll fit in your home, no matter how big or small the space is.

Source: Emily Henderson [10]

Art That Makes You Happy

There's a difference between hanging art [11] because it looks good, and hanging art because it lifts your spirits. We're big believers in the latter, because there's nothing like starting a day by seeing a print that boosts your confidence or makes you smile.

Photo by Jamie Lauren Photography [12] via Style Me Pretty [13]

An Eye-Catching Headboard

It's one of the last things you see before you go to sleep and one of the first when you wake up. Needless to say, a good headboard is key to your home's juju. It doesn't need to be elaborate if that's not your style, but as long as it's part functional, part stylish, you win in the bedroom department.

Photo by Courtney Apple [14] via Style Me Pretty [15]

Punchy Pillows  

You can never have too many [16] fun, spunky pillows, that's for sure. They're a great way to bring your personality to a room, and if you get tired of 'em, you can easily move them to a different chair, couch, or sofa. The only key is to keep a bit of consistency in the colors or patterns, but other than that, it's fair game!

Photo: Lisette Mejia

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