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How to Create a Stylish Coffee and Tea Station

Sep 29 2015 - 3:10am

While many home decor enthusiasts know all about stylish bar carts [1], the glory of a personal coffee station is still widely unknown. Just like bar carts, these portable stations are stylish and great for entertaining: instead of alcohol and cocktail mixers, however, delicious coffee and tea grace the shelves. Whether you display your coffee and tea cart in the kitchen, tuck it into an empty nook, or only bring it out for lazy weekends, these stylish products will ensure that your morning pick-me-up looks as great as it tastes.

Source: Belathee Photography for Rue Magazine [2]

Step One: A Stylish Cart

Before building your caffeine station, you must decide on the cart upon which it will sit. Make sure to choose something functional, portable, and stylish.

Source: Paul Costello for Domino [3]

Find Your Own

Choose a cart that fits in your preferred storage space, whether it's a small corner in the living room or a prominent area of the kitchen. Here are a few options in different sizes:

Step Two: Quality Tools

The quality of your chosen tools is very important, because the preparation of your coffee and tea determines the taste.

Source: Belathee Photography for Rue Magazine [7]

Find Your Own

A gourmet espresso machine is a huge investment, so options under $100 may be better for a beginner. Try these high-quality tools when planning your coffee and tea station:

Step Three: Pretty Dishes

When going to such lengths for a beautifully styled cart, it'd be a shame to serve up gourmet drinks in subpar cups. Make sure to choose beautiful dishes that will properly showcase your tea and coffee.

Source: Jason Penney for Domino [11]

Find Your Own

Whether you prefer old-fashioned china, functional cups, or modern prints, there are dishes perfect for your cart.

Step Four: Bright Products and Accessories

The rest of your cart is all about personal taste. Your coffee, tea, storage containers, condiments, and accessories should be arranged beautifully for aesthetic appeal.

Source: A Beautiful Mess [15]

Find Your Own

When it comes to storage containers for your coffee, tea, and condiments, the possibilities are endless! Coordination is key, so be sure to find a storage style that you absolutely adore.

The tea and coffee that you serve can be beautiful, too. While your flavor choices are personal, here are a few options with stylish packaging:

It's fun to create new drinks with different syrups, whether you're craving a violet Earl Grey latte or a lavender iced coffee. If that sounds yummy, you're in luck — floral syrups are gorgeous and delicious!

To add a pop of color and a fresh look to your cart, display a complementary floral arrangement or plant. This touch really takes your coffee and tea presentation to a new level! While these examples from Wayfair and Ethan Allen are gorgeous, choose seasonal blooms or durable succulents that fit your taste.

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