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Cool Idea: New Life For an Old Toolbox

I'm always looking for creative ways to re-use objects, and I recently stumbled upon crafty lady Emily's reuse of her brother's toolbox, which she posted about on her blog Summer Crafting. She writes, "My dad bought a fancy new toolbox recently and gave his older one to my brother, who thus passed down to me an even older one that had originally been my dad's."

To see how she's using the toolbox, read more.

She goes on to note that, "After a good thorough cleaning and degreasing it is now filled with my kind of tools, the crafting kind."

I love this idea. The toolbox is a great size for all of your crafting needs, from fabric to knitting needles to tools. For those who might be squeezed for finished interior space, too, this is the type of organized, tough container that would be right at home in a garage or basement space.





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