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9 Fabulous Decor Tricks You've Never Thought Of

May 23 2015 - 12:10pm

Turns out there's more than one way to revamp your place in a pinch. One example? Easy switch-ups [1], like swapping out your flowers or spray-painting your frames. The other? Tricks that are totally unexpected but worth the payoff in every way. It's time to put on your magician hat, because we're breaking down all the tips you haven't thought of before.

Photo by Homepolish [2]

Leave Some Things Unfinished

As with painting half a room [3] or using just an ottoman without the matching chair, some things are better left unfinished. In this case, bold stripes are eye-catching enough that not all of them have to wrap around the wall.

Source: Bryant Keller [4]

Style Books Horizontally

We're all about finding creative ways to organize books [5], and this is one of the simplest: arranging them horizontally. It's incredibly easy, free, and playfully unexpected.

Source: Domino [6]

Create an Off-Center Gallery Wall

The secret to the perfect gallery wall [7]? There isn't one! Instead of the traditional framed-photo look, consider alternatives [8] and style them in a pattern (vertical, circular, etc.) that adds personality.

Source: Domino [9]

Hang Artwork Using Cables

Hanging your art from up top will draw even more attention to your favorite pieces. Plus, it's a great illusion that'll instantly make your room feel lighter.

Source: Domino [10]

Edit Down Your Pillows

Sure, we love pillows [11] as much as the next person (sometimes too much [12]). But using one long one or styling two pillows on a side is a refreshing change that works, especially if the prints are bright and bold.

Source: Domino [13]

Block Windows

We're just going to say it: it's OK to block beautiful windows out of convenience or style. Just be sure you use pieces that won’t totally cover the views. For instance, small desks and consoles or ottomans will still let light and air pass through.

Source: Knight Frank [14]

Mix Furniture Types

Depending on how big your space is, you've probably heard different things when it comes to buying furniture with or without legs. Why not mix them? A sofa that hits the ground will complement another sofa or set of chairs that's raised — all while giving off an eclectic vibe.

Photo by Homepolish [15]

Think Outside the Headboard Box

The headboard is one of the most classic elements [16] of any home. But get creative and try one of these incredible headboard alternatives [17]. How unexpected but fabulous do these arched windows look?

Source: Kara Rosenlund [18]

Choose a High Focal Point

One way to make a room feel bigger? By drawing the eye up to artwork or other accessories above a doorway or shelf. Ta-da!

Source: Domino [19]

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