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DIYs Proven to Solve Your Most Common Decorating Dilemmas

Jan 27 2015 - 1:26pm

A good DIY [1] takes something ordinary and makes it wow-worthy. But a great DIY? It does that and then some. Ahead, we bring you eight of those great ideas that double as solutions to common decorating problems (like, say, camouflaging awful cable cords).

Front Page Image Source: Yvonne Rock Photo [2] via Style Me Pretty [3]

Dilemma: You're Intimidated by Wallpaper

Solution: Try something that looks like wallpaper but is way easier. No, not stencils, but
modern rollers [4] in patterns that range from feminine florals to faux bois. They'll transform your walls instantly!

Source: NotWallpaper [5]

Dilemma: Ugly Power Cords

Solution: Two words — DIY camouflage [6]. Instead of hiding them under rugs, conquer those ugly cord issues by actually keeping them in plain sight. For instance, this smart idea came together using coils from jute rope and a glue gun. Voilà!

Source: The Vow [7]

Dilemma: Poor Lighting

Solution: Add brightness through white-washed floors. Don't be intimated, though — this cool harlequin-style DIY [8] technique is easier than you might think.

Photo courtesy of Brian Paquette Interiors [9]

Dilemma: You're Bored With Your Decor

Solution: Jazz it up! It's natural to feel uninspired by your decor after a while, but not everyone has the money to buy new accessories or furniture when that happens. The trick is to get creative with what you've got and turn the mundane into the wow-worthy with some easy DIYs [10] — like spray-painting your hardware.

Source: Little Green Notebook [11]

Dilemma: Broken Fireplace

Solution: Get creative. There's nothing more disappointing than moving into a place and realizing the fireplace won't work, but you won't be sad for long once you create a fabulous facade. This
log-stack DIY [12] proves it!

Source: Pepper Design Blog [13]

Dilemma: You Live in a Tiny Place

Solution: Buy furniture that pulls double duty. Or, better yet, DIY [14] multipurpose furniture, like this dresker — aka dresser-desk hybrid [15]. It's genius!

Source: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking [16]

Dilemma: Unsightly TV Cables

Solution: Behold this DIY wire camouflage [17]. You'll definitely appreciate the idea if your TV sits above your mantel, since it creates a seamless TV wall using horizontal tongue-and-groove planks. Brilliant.

Source: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking [18]

Dilemma: Lack of Shelving

Solution: Build your own, of course. Start with an off-the-shelf bracket system that you can get at pretty much any home-improvement store. Follow the rest of these DIY tips [19], and you'll have plenty of space for all your books.

Source: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking [20]

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