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DIY Piñatas: Just What Your Cinco de Mayo Needs

May 3 2014 - 3:06am

Mixing Cinco de Mayo with our love for DIYs [1], these minipiñatas [2] made us gasp when we first saw them. Adorable, right? Created by Angie over at Little Inspiration [3], these gems can be adapted to almost any event and would make the cutest plate topper or party favor come May 5. Follow Angie's lead with the steps below; the result is something that will impress partygoers of all ages.

Source: Little Inspiration [4]

Supplies: Card-stock paper, hot glue and glue sticks, scissors, school glue, a pen or pencil, tissue paper (various colors), newspaper or magazine paper, papier-maché mixture (two parts flour and one part water)

Step 1: Shaping the base of the piñatas

To make a heart-shaped piñata, you will need a few strips of paper and two heart-shaped pieces of paper. Form the heart by hot gluing the strip of paper stock on the outer edge, then hot glue the other heart on top of the other. Stuff the heart with pieces of newspaper to make the heart a little more firm when you papier-maché.

Source: Little Inspiration [5]

Step 1: Shaping the base of the piñatas (continued . . . )

To make a donut piñata, trace and cut a circle out of card-stock paper. Cut plenty of thin strips of paper. Hot glue a large strip of paper around the outer and inner circle. Next, wrap the circle with strips of paper, gluing them together to form the round edge of a donut.

To make a cloud piñata, follow the same process as the heart-shaped piñata. The only difference is tracing and cutting out clouds out of paper instead of hearts.

Note: Similar steps can be adapted to any shape or party theme.

Source: Little Inspiration [6]

Step 2: Papier-maché

After you have the base of the piñatas, here comes the fun part: papier-maché. Have your newspaper strips ready. Dip the strips of newspaper into the mixture and cover the entire base of the piñata.

Source: Little Inspiration [7]

Step 3: Add the tissue paper

Cut out strips of tissue paper about 2 inches in width. Fold the strip of tissue paper, and begin cutting very thin strips to about 1/2 inch of the edge. To make this process even faster, fold a few strips of tissue paper together and cut them at the same time.

Source: Little Inspiration [8]

Step 4: Trim the edges

Glue the strips of tissue paper into the base of the piñata one piece at a time, overlapping on top of the next strip. Trim out the edges.

Step 5: Cover the edges

Cover the edges of the heart piñata with a few layers of tissue paper strips, and trim the edges as well.

Source: Little Inspiration [9]

Step 6: Wrap the tissue paper

For the donut piñata: Fold one piece of tissue paper halfway and wrap around the donut, adding school glue to make it stick.

Step 7: Add the final touches

Cut a donut circle out of tissue paper, and glue it to the piñata. Cut confetti out of tissue paper, and glue it to the donut to form the sprinkles. Finally you are set to hang, decorate, and/or break your minipiñatas.

Additional Notes: Stuff the minipiñatas with candy and some sort of yarn to hang them before you papier-maché.

For more photos and details, click through to view the entire post on Little Inspiration [10]!

Source: Little Inspiration [11]

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