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Create Gorgeous, Custom Roman Blinds (Without Sewing!)

Dec 31 2015 - 7:10am

Roman shades are a great, tailored alternative to curtains. The pitfall? Because they require a more precise fit than curtains, custom options can get pretty pricey. Here, Cindy Berisic of Made2Style [1] shares her technique for covering the windows in her office with this hot pink and white fabric.

Sources: Domino [2] and Made2Style [3]

Cut your fabric two inches longer than your blinds, width and length. Since one of my blinds was 22 1/2 inches x 52 inches, I cut my fabric to 24 1/2 inches x 54 inches. The reason for this is so you can fold all the edges over. You may want to iron a crease on the edges to make it easier.

Use fabric glue to create your hems all around. You can also sew this if you want a more tailored look. You may also use Heat and Bond, but trust me it’s more work and you can't tell the difference between that and fabric glue.

Source: Made2Style [4]

A shot of the crisply folded seams.

Source: Made2Style [5]

A view from the front angle.

Source: Made2Style [6]

Your fabric should look like this when it's all done. If it does, then you're ready to prepare your blinds!

Source: Made2Style [7]

Open your blinds fully, and cut the ladder part that holds all the blind slats in place. Do not cut the cord that runs straight through each slat.

Source: Made2Style [8]

Pop the button on the bottom that holds the thick cord that runs through the blinds, and pull that cord out.

Source: Made2Style [9]

Remove all the slats and the cut-up ladder pieces to reveal nothing but the top bar and the thick cord.

Source: Made2Style [10]

Lay your fabric down (print side down), and place the skeleton of the blind on top. Measure where you want your folds to be when you hang your blinds. I believe I did every eight inches. Make sure you run that cord through the holes in the slats.

Source: Made2Style [11]

Glue the slats to the fabric, curve side down. After applying the glue, I brushed it down so that it would dry smoothly. Do not glue the cord to the fabric because you need that to move the blinds.

Source: Made2Style [12]

After all the slats along with top bar and bottom piece are glued down, take the end of the cord and put it back into that bottom hole. Tie a little knot, and pop the button back on.

Source: Made2Style [13]

Hang your gorgeous, custom-made roman shades!

Source: Made2Style [14]

A shot from the hallway looking into the office.

Source: Made2Style [15]

A side view of the office.

Source: Made2Style [16]

A look at all of the windows together.

Source: Made2Style [17]

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