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Design Your Own Cards on Chirply

Vote For Designs You Love on New Site Chirply

Tired of the same old paper products? Can't find a card at your corner shop that expresses what you want to say? Then check out new site Chirply, which encourages users to submit their designs for use in greeting cards, wrapping paper, and notebooks.
Chirply was founded by Gagan and Neel Palrecha, who were frustrated by the decidedly dull designs they were encountering. "Paper goods are an everyday part of life, and the lack of innovative, fun, and edgy designs in products like greeting cards, notebooks, and wrapping paper is a shame," explains Gagan.

The site provides an online gallery of users' designs. Everyone from professional designers to aspiring artists can submit designs to Chirply. The site then uses social media to announce the new designs, and gives designers a small badge they can place on their blog or site to promote the design as well.

Then the Chirply community votes on the designs, using a scale from one to five, with a rating of five the highest. Each design stays up for voting for 30 days, and after the 30 days are up, the designs that scored the best are created into paper goods including greeting cards, notebooks, and wrapping paper. These products are then sold on the website. The winning designer gets an up-front payment of $300 and $100 for every 1,000 prints sold.

Keep reading to check out some of the submitted designs and learn how to vote on a favorite!

All Chirply products are 100 percent post-consumer waste, which gives them great eco cred. Additionally, the quality of the paper is very high and thicker than that used with major card companies.

Want to submit your own card design or vote for your favorite? Now's the time do it! The site is focusing on submissions and voting at the moment, and the first products will go up for sale in March. Take a peek at some of my favorite designs below, and then submit your own design or vote on Chirply.






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