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Damn Good Decorating Advice From 8 Pros

May 28 2014 - 3:05am

Between design dates, shopping trips, and exclusive interviews, we've recently been let in on a few secrets that must be shared. Since a little advice never hurt, here are some tricks of the trade that designers like Nate Berkus and the stylish Jillian Harris swear by. Whether it be having a plan and budget in mind or mixing brights with neutrals, there's something below for DIYers and decorators alike. Read up, and take note — it isn't every day you find tricks like these.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [1], Domaine Home [2], HGTV [3]

"Have a plan and budget in mind."

With three TV shows under their belts, cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri know a thing or two about remodeling. Before starting any project, the duo suggests having "a plan and budget in mind [4]." If you don't, "you're tying both of your hands behind your back before you even start" — no bueno!

Source: Facebook [5], Nate Berkus [6]

"Painting woodwork is a sin."

If you harbor an obsession with centuries-old homes, you might already be a fan of HGTV's Nicole Curtis. Known for restoring the home's prized original details, it's no wonder her design mantra [7] is packed with good advice like "original is best, painting woodwork is a sin, and open floor plans belong in warehouses, not homes."

Source: HGTV [8], Domino [9]

"Take the traditional and make it current."

A style writer from Nashville, it's Daniel Bear Hunley's urban take on rustic design that inspires nearly 2 million Pinterest followers each day. To master his charming Southern style, he encourages people to "take the traditional and make it current [10]." By doing this, you can embrace culture and decor that will stand the test of time.

Source: Apt CB2 [11], Domino [12]

"Not absolutely everything has to be functional."

After touring her adorable Canadian home [13], it's no secret we're sweet on Jillian Harris's vintage femme design aesthetic. While her closet is filled with storage, she reminds us, "not absolutely everything has to be functional — for some things, the functional aspect is that it makes everything look better, like my heart print." Amen!

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [14]

"Balance brights with neutrals."

After one look at Justina Blakeney's down-to-earth California jungalow [15], it's clear that the blogger's home is filled with styling secrets. When it comes to decorating with color, she suggests you "balance brights with neutrals to prevent things from looking too visually bananas."

Source: Bret Gum [16]

"Is there such a thing as too many mirrors?"

Who knew Kourtney Kardashian was such a decor junkie? In a recent shopping spree, the style star revealed several vintage shopping tips [17], including the best accessory to splurge on . . . mirrors!

Source: Domaine Home [18], Style Me Pretty [19]

"Clean your home!"

With an eye for style and years of experience, Nate Berkus is loaded with design wisdom. When we asked him how to could make a quick, affordable change to a house, he replied "clean your home [20]." It sounds simple, but Nate believes that clearing out the clutter can really change your entire space.

Source: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images [21], Smitten Studio [22]

"Less really is more!"

Famous for transforming real-estate lemons into dream homes on their hit show, Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott have inspired millions of aspiring homeowners. When it comes to maximizing a small space, they favor a "less is more" attitude [23], since bulky furniture pieces often make a room feel small.

Source: HGTV [24], Emily Henderson [25]

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