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Desire/Acquire: Black Glass Chandeliers

If only my wallet were as big as my eyes, I could have everything I desire. Unfortunately, for many of us style fiends, abstaining from shopping is simply not in the cards. So, in these troubling economic times, perhaps the solution to our financial woes isn't to resist, but to acquire at a lower price. Take this DWR Murano Glass Chandelier ($3,200). I adore its delicate, scroll-like glass filigree, and its scale and moody color would make it an instant focal point in my dining room. But, as much as I'd love to, I'm not about to shell out over three grand for the thing, especially when I know there's a more affordable option.
That's right, you and I can pick up a very similar black glass chandelier for a tenth of the price and equal wow-factor. To find out where,


At a fraction of the price, the Z Gallerie Calais Chandelier ($349) has that same slick black shimmer and curlicue scroll work, and would look equally stunning over my dining table. Now, I'll just do my best to put those savings in my savings.

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