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Do You Still Keep a Stash at Your Parents' House?

Do You Still Keep a Stash at Your Parents' House?

First come final exams, then comes a degree, then come boxes of childhood paraphernalia. Or does it? Parents often box up kindergarten art, grade school report cards, and high school prom pictures so that when their little darlings are older, they will have mementos of their youth. But when the babes head off to college or move out of the house, the stored up items often make it up to the parents' attic where they collect dust for decades, or eternity.

On the "Solace" episode of Parenthood, the "kids" are forced to come pick through their old belongings and take what they want, with the remaining items banished to a fire pit. Frustrated with the task of cleaning out, Cosby turns to Sarah and says, "The whole point of having parents is to keep your crap in their attic." While it made me chuckle, it also sent me on a guilt trip since I still have loads of junk at my mama's house. So tell me, do you still have some items stashed at your childhood home?

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