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The Dwell on Design Takeaways You Should Know

Jun 24 2014 - 4:04am

We just wrapped up three days at the annual Dwell on Design conference [1] in Los Angeles, and per usual, we were left inspired by all the designers and influencers that filled the convention center. Although it's nearly impossible to settle on a favorite, we've rounded up a few key takeaways every design-lover should know. All trendy and completely doable for any space and budget, here's everything you need to achieve Dwell's modern, signature style at home.

Indoor/Outdoor Furniture Is Everything

With the lines blurring between outdoor and indoor decor [2], brands like Bend [3] are showing us how get creative with boundaries. By using your outdoor pieces indoors, you can add unique and unexpected style. Even better, you'll get your money's worth using these items year-round!

Rental Switch-Ups Are Easier Than Ever

Making your rental personal has become easier than ever! Whether you choose to swap out your hardware or focus on lighting, temporary switch-ups don't need to cost a lot of time or money. Bright light cords are a great way to obey number nine in the 10 commandments of rental decor [4].

Gardens Can Be Chic

Having a garden is no longer passé, and there are plenty of ways to create a chic, modern layout. A modern yard could benefit from Terra Trellis [5]'s selection of chic steel garden arbors. If you're an apartment dweller, consider these small-space herb gardens [6].

Glamping Is Cool

Yes, glamping . . . not camping! If you're headed out on an adventure or embarking on a staycation [7] this Summer, there are plenty of ways to avoid having to sleep in a tent. Airstream2Go [8] makes it easy to rent a classic RV, and these tips will make you a glamping pro [9].

Plants Are Growing Up

In the case of outdoor living, we spotted several cutting-edge ideas for compact yards, urban gardens, and petite patios. We loved Bella Builders [10]' felt wall. It's low maintenance, offers privacy, and creates the look of a tropical escape.

Dwell Opened Its First Pop-Up Shop

If you're a design-lover [11], you've probably shopped the online Dwell Store [12] once or twice. We were ecstatic when it opened its first pop-up this past weekend. The company plans on opening more, so keep an eye out, especially if you're the type of person who's always on the hunt for the perfect gift.

Tiny Is Trendy

We never thought we'd see the day when small-space living was cool, but lately it's all the rage. Between studio living, sleek prefabs [13], and now tiny houses [14], the smaller the better! This type of build was seen throughout the showroom this year, and it's definitely something you may want to consider.

Urban Gardens Are Possible

Air-quality benefits aside, decorating with plants is one of the best ways to make a home feel more lived-in and relaxed. Thanks to some clever urban garden tools and tricks [15], even yardless city dwellers can create lush indoor gardens. We absolutely can't wait to hang these easy Shades of Green Barnacles [16] in our studio apartments [17].

Wallpaper Is a Must

We've said it time and time again, but wallpaper is becoming a must for every home. From textured styles to removable paper, the options are endless. We couldn't get enough of this arrow-printed paper (picked by Chairish [18]), and after seeing Asteck's latest designs [19], you'll be willing to drop your wallpaper fears for good [20]!

Paneling Isn't What It Used to Be

Wood paneling is back and better than ever! Companies like Stikwood [21] are completely changing the 1970s trend by using real, recycled wood. If you're looking achieve the look of a modern yet rustic space, this is a trend you should try.

Local Artists Are Everywhere

Sure, we saw an array of big brands, but it was the small and often local artists that blew us away this year. Between accents and accessories, there were plenty of designers making big strides in the interiors world. A couple that caught our eye were AA studio [22] and Sitskie [23].

Don't worry if you're more of an online shopper; these Etsy shops [24] and Great.ly [25] will connect you with a similar vibe from around the world!

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