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Five Reasons For Installing a Spiral Staircase

Five Reasons For Installing a Spiral Staircase

I happened upon this pretty-in-pink spiral staircase in photographer Emily Andrews's online porfolio, and was immediately attracted to its look — which is surprising, because I'm not actually a fan of them in real life. This may be less the fault of the spiral staircase, though, and more user error. When I lived in a home with a spiral staircase, it was wedged into a tight corner in a home, and often crowded with boxes and items that needed to be hauled upstairs. If the staircase had been more thoughtfully placed and curated, however, my opinion of them might have been different.

If you, too are enchanted by this pink, circular set of stairs, check out my top five reasons for installing one in your home.

  1. They're great space savers. If you don't have room in your home for a traditional staircase, or simply don't want to sacrifice square footage to stairs, spiral staircases are a smart option.
  2. They're economical. Steel spiral staircases are usually the cheapest option, and often start at below $1,000 in price. When compared with the price of hiring a contractor, this is a great savings indeed.
  3. They're convenient. Often, metal and iron stair packages come prebuilt. This means the homeowner simply has to prepare a concrete support slab and the access points in both the upper and lower floors.
  4. They work well outdoors. If you want to connect an upper deck or balcony on a home with a lower level, spiral staircases are a good option, especially on small properties.
  5. They're pretty. Especially when painted in your favorite color, a spiral staircase can add charm to any home. Just be certain to design a space around it, instead of ignoring its impact in the room. Since a spiral staircase is an attention grabber by its very nature, work with it when arranging a space.
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