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Gift Guide: Difficult Gifters

We all have a few people in our circle of family and friends who are notoriously difficult to buy presents for. I often take the easy way out in these situations and provide a gift certificate to a store or cafe that this person may love (or just live close to). But sometimes, it's best to have a physical gift with you to give this difficult-to-gift acquaintance. And if the gift goes over well? Then you win doubly big!

My most important word of advice is to keep it simple with the difficult gifters. Think about what you know they love, and then work from there. This isn't the time to get creative or original in your gift-giving patterns. Save that for your artistically inclined and easy-to-please pals. With the difficult gifters, you want to play it safe and smart.

For some of my gift ideas for this difficult-to-please person, including this set of frames,



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