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Gift Guide: Patio Plants For a Happy Housewarming

Whether someone on your gift-giving list has just bought a first home or recently moved into a sweet new rental property, one of the loveliest ways to say Happy Housewarming! is with a festive container plant.

For the aspiring small-space gardener, try this patio gardening seed mix ($14) from Seeds of Change. Pop these pretty packets in a beribboned-woven basket (which can then be used for harvesting peas, beans, and herbs), and present it to your newly moved pal. You can step it up a notch with some beautiful front-stoop cypress trees, like this set of three cypress trees ($39) from Smith and Hawken. And finally, for a truly unusual statement, present your new home dweller with this stunning wine-grape bonsai tree ($64.50) from Organic Style.

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