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How-To: Design Smart in Small Spaces

Recently, I gave you a glimpse of a Calgary apartment that interior deisign firm Corea Sotropa renovated. One of the firm's specialties is designing for small spaces. Corea Sotropa was kind enough to share some tips for designing for small spaces. Want to see all of the firm's great advice? Then


Here are a few tips from Corea Sotropa on designing for small spaces:

  • Choose common materials, fabrics and colour palette throughout all the rooms to bring unity to a small condo or house.
  • Fresh flower arrangements are a quick and inexpensive way to add luxury to a small space.
  • Ensure there is a place for everything — if there is not appropriate storage for everyday necessities like magazines or CDs a small space will quickly look messy.
  • Place accessories sparingly — overloading a small space with accessories will look cluttered.
  • Choose furniture pieces to suit the scale of the space. When down-sizing from a house to condo it is unlikely that you will be able to re-use many of your existing upholstered pieces due to this change in scale.

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