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How-To: Get Rid of Moths in Your Kitchen

I just discovered a moth infestation in our kitchen. While I can handle a lot of creepy crawly things, finding moth worms in my nut mix is not okay. It turns out that in warmer climates, infestations like this are very common. In fact, it's unusual that it's taken me this long to get overrun by moths! While researching ways to send them packing, I came across some very handy how-to advice, which I've compiled here.

To find out how to get rid of moths if they've invaded your kitchen,


Here's how to get rid of those pesky winged invaders, courtesy of How To Get Rid of Stuff:

  1. Identify all of the places where the moths are present.
  2. Clean these areas exceptionally well.
  3. Remove all items from the areas.
  4. Vacuum every surface, walls, shelves, cabinets, carpet, etc.
  5. Scrub hard surfaces with a mixture of hot water and detergent. Scrub every inch because moth larva can attach themselves in even the tiniest of spaces.
  6. If the shelving is removable, pull it out and clean the edges and walls around it.
  7. Clean every surface that comes into contact with food, including your spice rack.
  8. Follow up the scrubbing with a vinegar rinse. Either put some white vinegar into a spray bottle, coat, and wipe, or apply it directly to a cloth and wipe everything down.
  9. The moths are likely originating from one or more of the food items previously stored in this area. Throw away every grain-based food item — even if it appears to be sealed well. Also dispose of nuts, raisins, flour, and tea.
  10. Any remaining food containers and items should be thoroughly cleaned with the same detergent/water solution and vinegar rinse before returning to the freshly scrubbed area. A single egg or caterpillar left hanging onto something can start this whole thing all over again, so be thorough.
  11. Kill any moths left flying around in the air. You can do this with a fly swatter, or use moth traps.

I'll be attempting all of these cleaning changes this weekend, and I'll let you know how it goes! Do you have any other ideas for getting rid of kitchen-lingering moths?

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