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How-To: Keep Your Flatware Drawer Tidy

Over the holidays, some of my friends housesat for us for a few days. When I have someone stay at my house, I try to make it as tidy and welcoming as possible, and one of my go-to tasks is tidying and cleaning the flatware drawer. It's rather disconcerting, in my opinion, to open a drawer, looking for a spoon for your ice cream, and find yourself staring at a messy and crumb-filled flatware drawer.

To see my tips for keeping your flatware drawer tidy,


  1. Start by purging your drawer of all mismatched, mangled, or shabby-looking silverware. Send any decent, but mismatched, silver to a local thrift shop or charity.
  2. Remove any non-silverware items from the drawer. Measuring cups, spatulas, and other kitchen utensils should be placed in a separate drawer or container.
  3. Take out all silverware and give it a good rub-down with this non-toxic polish.
  4. Take out the drawer and clean it thoroughly, removing any spills or stains.
  5. Replace everything and enjoy your newly organized drawer!
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