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How-To: Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

Growing up in the country, deer and other creatures were daily visitors to my garden, nibbling and trampling upon everything in sight, and they often caused car accidents in the area. Needless to say, they're not my favorite forest creature. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to wait for deer season to keep them away from your casa; there are plenty of ways to keep them out of your garden without increasing your daily venison intake. Here are a few:

  • Install an extremely high fence. Deer can jump quite high, so it must be about eight feet tall to keep them out. Consider invisible deer fence, which isn't such an eyesore. And remember to fence off your driveway entrance or install cattle guards, which they can't cross.
  • Get a dog to scare the deer away.

There are plenty more to hear about, so


  • Spray deer repellents about 30" off the ground around your garden. Try Not Tonight Deer, Liquid Fence, Deer Away, Deer Out, Deer Off, Hinder, or a homemade repellent. You'll have to reapply according to the instructions.
  • Soak a clothesline in repellent and hang it at a low height around your garden.
  • Soak the area in animal urine. Don't worry: You can buy it, rather than gather yourself!
  • Pick up hair clippings from your hairdresser and fill a nylon stocking with it. Place a few around your planting beds.
  • Hang bars of strong-smelling soap from the trees and bushes, or grate soap bars and scatter the soap around your garden.
  • Install a baited, electric fence like Wireless Deer Fence.
  • Install a motion activated sprinkler like Scarecrow Sprinkler.


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