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How to Decorate From Scratch

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member Avkhat from the Assisted Living group:

"I just bought an apartment but have no idea where to start with the decoration. It's the first time I have lived alone and have full license to decorate as I please. However, I am pretty overwhelmed and don't even know how to start planning. How should I start getting ideas? In general, my style is quite classic, girly, and preppy. Are there some good magazines or books I can check out? I am worried I will get excited and buy a bunch of random things and end up with a cluttered messy space! Any suggestions?"

Continue reading to see my suggestions for Avkhat.

Avkhat, what a lucky girl you are! Starting from scratch is such a luxury! But I do understand how it can be overwhelming. To help you, I recommend you revisit my series 7 Steps to Becoming Your Own Decorator. Here are links to each step, which are flushed out more thoroughly in their own posts:

  1. Be inspired.
  2. Abide by your lifestyle.
  3. Find your design style.
  4. Take inventory.
  5. Measure and plan.
  6. Budget your shopping.
  7. Build your room.

As for magazines to check out, if your style is classic, girly, and preppy, I'd recommend Lonny, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Living Etc. Hope this helps!

Have a decorating dilemma of your own? Be sure to post your questions in the Assisted Living group!


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