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27 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Nov 21 2014 - 3:03am

If your bare walls are giving you the blues, Instagram is here to help! We've sifted through the well of hashtags to bring you the best wall decor ideas to get inspired by. Keep reading for fresh ideas.

— Additional reporting by Molly McGlynn

Source: Instagram [1]

State Your Room's Purpose

A framed, vintage food print above a buffet station is a feast for the eyes.

Source: Instagram user citysage [2]

Group Like Artists

Create instant cohesiveness by hanging the work of an artist you love in one spot. In this case, the artist is the talented Jennifer Ament [3]. We are big fans!

Source: Instagram user casslavalle [4]

A Single Mirror

Sometimes a small mirror can make a huge impact. Try painting an accent wall in a color that matches the frame.

Source: Instagram user ladolcevitablog [5]

Multiple Mirrors

By clustering a group of mirrors in this dining nook, the wall practically disappears. Again, try matching the wall paint to the frame color for a seamless look.

Source: Instagram user casslavalle [6]

Shelf It

Who says ginger jars or other accessories belong on a table or mantle? Small floating shelves support these beautiful blue vases which help break up the red in the walls.

Source: Instagram user tiltonfenwick [7]

Hang On

Break outside of the frame box and try something unexpected, like a hanger!

Source: Instagram user sarahshermansamuel [8]

Art That Speaks For Itself

Create a gallery of inspiring words and quotes in a variety of fonts and layouts.

Source: Instagram user bitmellow [9]

Shape It

Manipulate the shape of a group of photos by hanging them in a corner.

Source: Instagram user joleeannx [10]

Art Inspired by Wallpaper

Insects and flowers make this room feel like an indoor garden.

Source: Instagram user tiltonfenwick [11]

Color Immersion

Choose color-rich abstracts in a similar color palette to tie in with surrounding fabrics and pillows.

Source: Instagram user ladolcevitablog [12]

Tape It

Washi tape feels fresh and informal and is a great way to tie random art together.

Source: Instagram user sarahshermansamuel [13]

Art Gallery

Corral pieces in all shapes and sizes for an eclectic spread.

Source: Instagram user tiltonfenwick [14]

Bring in a Bookcase

A fun way to decorate your home is by using a sculptural bookcase to display knickknacks you've collected over the years. Not only does it end up looking amazing, but it's also the perfect way to break up a concentrated collection of wall art.

Source: Instagram user laclosetdesign [15]

Three Dimensional

Bring your walls to life with paper art, like these fluttering butterflies.

Source: Instagram user kenayhome [16]

Painted Panels

Cover walls with screens and panels that capture zen imagery, like swimming fish.

Source: Instagram user ivanpratamas [17]

Cover an Unused Window

Try hanging or leaning mirrors and artwork to camouflage an unused window. Using similar tones will help to make it look intentional.

Source: Instagram user jrummerfield [18]

DIY Headboard

Themes are a great way to create a cohesive room. However, it can be all too easy to go a little overboard with them. Try to focus on one major piece, like this vintage oar headboard, to avoid a decorating disaster.

Source: Instagram user almocodesexta [19]


We're currently obsessed with everything DIY [20], so why not create your own piece of art? This dreamy watercolor-inspired piece would be the perfect way to perk up any room.

Source: Instagram user anthropologiecom [21]

Curate a Collection

Create a polished look by displaying a simple collection. We're loving this wall featuring vintage mirrors and wooden busts.

Source: Instagram user buddhabum [22]

Think Inside the Box

Shadow boxes may have been used in grade-school projects, but this updated version is a great way to create interesting, one-of-a-kind wall decor.

Source: Instagram user charlottejardfors [23]

Decorate with Decals

Everyone needs a little love, and this adorable wall decal adds just the right amount of tenderness without going overboard. Oh, and the framed animal print in the background is pretty fabulous too.

Source: Instagram user maisydee [24]

Frame Momentos

This amazing idea can be executed in many different ways. Find the pieces by heading to your nearest flea market for some old postcards, or start collecting one from every place you visit. Then, come home and create a stunning display, like the one seen here!

Source: Instagram user liechichi [25]

Say Hello

Perk up your home with a friendly welcome sign. For an added boost, choose a bright, funky color.

Source: Instagram user decorame [26]


Get patriotic with your styling; from London mod to Americana, a little national pride is always a good thing.

Don't forget to send us your decor photos by using our #CasaSnap hashtag on Instagram. Who knows? You may even be featured!

Source: Instagram user shayannesmile7 [27]

-Additional reporting by Molly McGlynn

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