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The Secrets to Jillian Harris's Sweet Yet Sophisticated Style

Mar 28 2015 - 6:10am

It's no secret we're sweet on Jillian Harris [1]'s vintage femme design aesthetic. As a former Bachelorette star, current host of Love It or List It: Vancouver [2], and one of the newest additions to our POPSUGAR Select team [3], we couldn't resist taking a tour of her adorable Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada home. Bathed in the most serene shades of gray (Benjamin Moore's Moonshine [4] and Sherwin-Williams's Passive [5], to be exact), her walls are the perfect palette for pops of metallic, and of course, pink! Keep reading to get the skinny on her home decor strategy, and be sure to follow her on Facebook [6], Twitter [7] and Instagram [8] for even more inspiration!

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [9]

POPSUGAR: What kind of atmosphere were you looking to create?

Jillian Harris:
I love all of my spaces to feel cozy, but with this tiny casita, it was a challenge to style the details and accessories to the max (how I like it) while keeping it simple, open, and clean. I think the pastel color palette helped my case: cozy, classy, feminine, clean.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [10]

PS: Any small-space tricks you can point out?

JH: Good question! Can you spot my glass coffee table? I would say this is a phenomenal pick for any small living room.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [11]

PS: Tell me about the pink and gold tufted chair in your living room? It's fabulous!

JH: It's velvet, and it's pink and sweet, and delicious, and I just want to eat it! It's from one of my absolute favorite local stores in Vancouver: The Cross [12].

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [13]

A tray effortlessly anchors Jillian's smaller decorative knickknacks.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [14]

Another trick for making everyday collectables look professionally curated? Covering them with a glass cloche!

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [15]

PS: What is your favorite budget find in this house?

JH: I have many items from Ikea and HomeSense [the Canadian version of HomeGoods]. My mirror, sofa, console table in the living room, gold etagere, and chest of drawers in the closet are all budget pieces.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [16]

A silver trophy-shaped vessel and vintage milk-glass vase are just as gorgeous without flowers.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [17]

In Jillian's kitchen, a wooden island becomes even more versatile with the addition of a couple of stools.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [18]

Add bowls, napkins, and silverware, and it becomes the perfect breakfast nook!

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [19]

PS: As an antiques junkie, what do you find yourself collecting the most of?

JH: Mmmm . . . antique books, silverware, brass figurines, and art.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [20]

Though Jillian is trying to stick to a healthier diet, we can't help but fantasize about the mouthwatering sweets she could bake in these adorable tins!

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [21]

PS: There's nothing more serene than white bedding! What's your secret to making it look and feel good?

JH: Use many different textures and always have down fillers! They make such a difference — not only while you sleep, but also visually.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [22]

Jillian also scored her chic table lamps at The Cross [23].

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [24]

A touch of aqua adds depth without distracting from the bedroom's white color scheme.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [25]

To utilize every inch of space, Jillian hung floating shelves to work as an office nook.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [26]

PS: This closet is every girl's dream! Was it an extra room?

JH: Yep, my tiny house had a second room that I turned into my beauty room, my closet, my boudoir, my lady cave.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [27]

PS: What are your favorite ways to add decorative but functional touches to a closet?

JH: It's all about the pieces . . . if you are anyway going to need a mirror and a chest of drawers, why not pick something beautiful that matches the style you are trying to follow? In my closet, I think it's the golden touches that make it look special! Not absolutely everything has to be functional — for some things, the functional aspect is that it makes everything look better, like my heart print.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [28]

As if the gorgeous jewelry tree wasn't enough, this shell-turned-bracelet-bowl is making us rethink our jewelry storage!

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [29]

Brass and glass shelves are the perfect storage item to organize Jillian's stunning shoe collection.

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography [30]

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