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This Just In: Celine Dion Top Water Waster

Water conservation's been on my mind lately, since my local utility wants residents to cut water use by 19%. It seems like water conservation and rationing is big news all over. In fact, the central coast of Florida is in a drought, and the Palm Beach Post has revealed that the biggest water waster is crooner Celine Dion. While her heart may go on, apparently so does her sprinkler system, showers, and faucets, if her water bill is any indication.

How much water does the Canadian songstress use? Well, enough to fill a bathtub every four minutes, if that's a good visual. In more concrete terms, her Jupiter Island 5.7 acre property uses 6.5 million gallons of water a year — normal water usage is only 120,000 gallons a year. Here's hoping the singer will learn some tips from fellow celeb Leonardo DiCaprio and buy an eco toilet, as well as learn how to turn off that sprinkler system. I'd offer her the suggestion of shaving her legs without the water running, but apparently she's already got that covered.

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