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This Just In: Rachel Zoe Doesn't Style Interiors

This Just In: Rachel Zoe Doesn't Style Interiors

Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars and authoress of Style A to Zoe, is selling her 2 bedroom, 3 bath West Hollywood home, and the photos of the mid century home are less than underwhelming. You would think that the home of a fashion-forward woman like Zoe would be evidence of her creative talents, but the only word that it brings to mind is "blah." Plain vanilla walls, white and beige upholstered seating, a few nice (i.e. expensive) pieces of furniture, and the requisite animal hide rug pretty much sum up the space, which is notably minimal. It doesn't surprise me that she is selling: a creative thinker could never live there. Maybe next time she should consider hiring a stylist...

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