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Bungalow-Turned-Jungalow: Tour This Blogger's Cool Space

May 16 2014 - 1:30pm

Nestled in Crown Hill sits a home better fit for the tropics than a small pocket of Los Angeles. A bungalow-turned-"jungalow," this cozy, eclectic space is highlighted by vivid colors, bold patterns, and flea-market finds. Owned by none other than designer, blogger, and author Justina Blakeney [1], it's definitely a home you have to see to believe. Here's an inside look at her down-to-earth digs filled with design secrets and Blakeney's signature style. Keep reading for tips to inspire your very own urban jungle.

Source: Bret Gum [2]

POPSUGAR: Your home is bursting with color! Any tips for decorating with brights?

Justina Blakeney: Balance brights with neutrals. Keep your walls white but have color fill the room, or go crazy on the walls but keep the furniture and rugs on a controlled palette. This will prevent things from looking too visually bananas.

Source: Teri Lyn Fisher [3]

PS: Where did your love for decorating emerge?

JB: Ever since I was a child, I was very art and design oriented. I loved to paint, sew, and collage. After studying art in college, I moved to Italy and began to think about design as a way to make a living using my creative talents. I opened a small boutique for vintage and designer clothing but found that after a few years, I was most excited about finding vintage objects and furniture for the shop. It was then that I realized my passion for decor and began working on home decor projects.

Source: Bret Gum [4]

Throughout the "jungalow," plants have become a design staple in Justina's place. You can achieve a similar look in your space with this MFEO planter [5] ($75-$85).

Source: Justina Blakeney [6]

PS: How did your time in Italy influence your style?

JB: I think that living abroad takes you out of your comfort zone. You learn to observe a lot and really listen. Since everything is so new and so different, being somewhere foreign for such a long period of time shifts your whole worldview and paradigm. Italy specifically taught me a lot about quality craftsmanship and about taking pride in the details. Aesthetics is such an integral part of the Italian culture. So much about everyday life is about making una vita bella (a beautiful life). This is emphasized in food, fashion, home decor — everywhere.

Source: Justina Blakeney [7]

PS: How did you get into blogging?

JB: I originally began blogging as a way to do something creative every day. I loved blogging right away, as it was a natural way to combine so many of the things that I love like writing, photography, graphic design, crafting, styling, collaging, curating, and decorating. Now, my blog [8] is truly an extension of myself.

Source: Justina Blakeney [9]

Keeping with the eclectic vibe, Turkish fabrics fill the space. We love how accents and accessories become a focal point displayed within painted geometric designs.

Source: Justina Blakeney [10]

PS: OK, so we want to know: where do you find all your eclectic pieces?

JB: I've been collecting for years, but the Rose Bowl Flea Market [11], eBay, and Etsy have all been really good to me. I also love Hernandez Furniture [12] in Hollywood for midcentury pieces, and all the thrift shops in Cathedral City.

Source: Bret Gum [13]

PS: Your first solo book is to be published next year. Can you tell us about it?

JB: Yes! My new book delves into the lives and homes of the new bohemians: multifunctional boho-chic dwellings that are full of love of travel, spirit of adventure, and experimentation. It's also going to be full of home tours, DIY [14] projects, and tips that are both approachable and instructional, so your home can be as colorful and creative as those in the book. The book will be published by Abrams and released next Spring. You can check out behind-the-scenes images on my Instagram page [15] with the hashtag #thenewbohobook.

Source: Bret Gum [16]

PS: Between all the colors, patterns, and textures, it can be hard to make a bohemian space look cohesive. How do you pull everything together?

JB: I think that paying attention to an overarching color palette helps with cohesion. In my living room, I use a lot of different colors, but the overall vibe is very orange. If you pay attention to the colors that you add and make sure they are within the same color family, you'll start to see that everything works well together.

Source: Bret Gum [17]

PS: Have you needed to make any decor adjustments since becoming a new mom?

JB: Yes. We ditched our coffee table, and my former closet is now my daughter's room. We also put away a few of my favorite rugs, because they were getting trashed. We'll bring them out again in a few years.

Source: Teri Lyn Fisher [18]

Justina's take on the gallery wall consists of vintage windows that create a cool accent wall and a unique way to showcase rotating art and photos.

Source: Justina Blakeney [19]

PS: What do you believe makes a house a home?

JB: The life in the house — people, pets, and plants — make a house a home.

Source: Justina Blakeney [20]

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