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Least Used Rooms in a House

What Room Do You Spend the Least Amount of Time In?

I always tell myself that if I ever move to a house in the 'burbs, I'll omit formal rooms from the layout all together. Every room in the house will be a place I want to spend part of every day in. In the 17-room house I grew up in, which my parents built, there were cold, green marble floors; a set of uncomfortable woven chairs; and a collection of plants in the conservatory, or "sunroom." It was beautiful, but it couldn't be further from cozy. We rarely set foot in the room, unless my sisters and I were playing hide and seek. Finally, my mother got the bright idea to put our dollhouse in there, so we'd play there purposefully.

It's such a waste not to use all that square footage you put your hard-earned dollars into. The same goes for those formal dining rooms that you only use on holidays — when you pull the silverware, gifted to you at your wedding, deep out of a closet somewhere. In an effort to possibly reverse this, and perhaps give a low-traffic room some love, let's think about what rooms in our homes we spend the least amount of time in. Then, let's get creative and think of new ways to make those spaces more appealing or useful for ourselves and guests.

What room do you spend the least amount of time in?


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