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Let's See Your Lovely Little Vignettes!

Let's See Your Lovely Little Vignettes!

I hope by now you've joined my new group Lovely Little Vignettes, which is the place to share photos of the small vignettes you create in your home, or those you see online or at a friend's home. If you're not sure what I mean by vignettes, this slideshow should make it clear. So, show me what you got! Be it the jewelry and water glass that ended up on your bedside table, or artwork and knick-knacks you've more purposefully arranged on your mantel, I want to see all of your beautiful photographs of little details throughout your home.

Lovely Little Vignettes member KWM shared this image of her "six shelves for six honeymoons" with the group. She says, "Every year for our anniversary we take a trip and always aim for that one photo that sums up each experience. I found a fun place to display them all in our bedroom. It's fun to remember those special moments every morning and evening." I love how she's given these nostalgic photographs a designated place in her home. Where do you display your photographs?

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