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10 Things That Never Belong in Your Living Room

Dec 31 2014 - 12:21pm

Once you know what guests really notice [1] when they visit, it makes you more conscious of your home's everyday appearance. Still, in order not to commit any one of the seven deadly decorating sins [2], it takes a little more research . . . like knowing what definitely does not have a place in your living room where people gather. Even if you live alone, it's best to be prepared for surprise guests, and we're here to break it down.

Awkward Photos

Your place, your rules. But think about how guests will feel if they see photos out of you and your significant other hardcore smooching or pictures of you getting wild during a girls' night out. Yikes.

Photo by Laura Catherine Photo [3] via Style Me Pretty [4]

Used Dishes

No one's judging you for having milk and cookies while you watch TV. But if you forget to take your dishes to the sink, you'll let Mom down — as well as your roommates and guests.

Photo by Heidi Geldhauser [5] via Style Me Pretty [6]

Stale Candy

We get it: having a jar of sweets is a fun and easy way to treat friends when they come over. But the stale candy from Halloween [7] has got to go, unless you want to be known as that girl.

Photo by Jodi Miller Photography [8] via Style Me Pretty [9]

Exercise Equipment

There's a place for weights and balance balls — and your living room is definitely not it. If you must exercise there, though, be sure to store the equipment in a closet as soon as you're finished.

Source: Domino Magazine [10]

Pet Accessories

As much as you love Fido or Fluffy, keeping pet trees, litter boxes, and slobbery toys in a communal space is unappealing . . . even if you live by yourself.

Source: Etsy user MountainCatTrees [11]

Dusty Fake Flowers

Fake flowers are bad, because they look cheap and will never come close to the beauty of fresh flowers. But the absolute worst? When you forget to clean them and there's a layer of dust.

Source: Flickr user chloester [12]

Piles of Shoes

You don't like people walking around your house with their shoes on? No big deal. But the problem is when you pile them in the living room and create a dirty (smelly) hazard.

Source: Domino Magazine [13]

Office Supplies

Things like staplers, laptop charger cords, and paper clips scream "business" instead of "welcome." Be sure to put them back in the drawer or on your desk if they make their way to your coffee table for some reason.

Source: Pottery Barn [14]

Unattractive Slip Covers

When you're going for a crisp, classic look for your living room [15], a slipcover is all kinds of versatile. But when you start venturing into plastic or embroidered covers, you're not doing anyone any favors. Spills happen, and there's usually a way to fix it without sacrificing your style.

Source: Sears [16]

Holiday Decor

Unless it's December, there's no reason a reindeer or ornament needs to be out. And if you can't part with your string lights, at least get creative with how to use them throughout the year [17].

Source: Domino Magazine [18]

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