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Midday Muse: I'm an Island (Fan)

Midday Muse: I'm an Island (Fan)

Growing up, I would always sit on our high stools at the kitchen island and watch my mother cook dinner as I did my homework. It was basically the only way for me to spend time with her alone at night, and it was also how I learned to cook. Sometimes, my sister would practice piano in the room, or spread her books out on the dining table to study.
In the mornings, we'd all hop on the stools and eat cereal together as my mom made sandwiches on the other side. We had an open-plan living space (a kitchen and casual dining room combined), and it worked for us; I can't imagine growing up any other way. But, some chefs prefer the kitchen to themselves, far from where their family actually dines, and others simply prefer the privacy of a separate kitchen. Where do you fall?

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