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In The News: Method's Founders Dish the Dirt

In The News: Method's Founders Dish the Dirt

Since I've been chatting with you this month about ways to clean green, I knew you'd also be interested in hearing from Method's co-founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, who recently gave an in-depth interview to one of my favorite green websites, Grist. In the interview, they discuss their new book Squeaky Green, their newest product (toilet bowl cleaner!), and ways that Method has brought green cleaners into the mainstream.

One of my favorite answers in the interview is when Grist asks the duo what most surprised people about conventional cleaners; Ryan responds, "The light bulb goes off the most [with] things that seem so obvious but you never stop to think about it. [Like] the idea that you clean your tub with toxic cleaner, but then you soak in it afterward." Now that's something to think about. Read the whole interview here.

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