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Nice and New: Travelmate Portable Fireplace

When it comes to most of the products I recommend, finances are usually the only thing keeping you from taking them home. OK, maybe your husband would be opposed to mirrored furniture, but, moving on . . . There's one thing that's never been an easy purchase, and that thing is a fireplace. Why? Because a fireplace requires a chimney, which requires a contractor, bricks, etc.

To find out how to get around those pesky requirements, read more.

Lucky for all of us, that reality is no more, thanks to the Conmoto Travelmate Portable Fireplace ($3,300), a portable, stylish suitcase of black powder-coated steel and glass that holds a smokeless fire, burned from bio-ethanol liquid fuel. The Travelmate allows you to burn a fire literally wherever you want (so long as it's a flat surface): on your coffee table, in your bedroom, on the lawn, next to your favorite reading chair . . . on wood, on carpet, on stone, anywhere! Talk about house warming! That's right, FDR, you're not the only one who can have fireside chats.

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