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Creative Nightstand Alternatives

Nov 16 2014 - 11:08am

Swapping out standard furniture for something unexpected can add loads of personality to a boring bedroom, and these upcycled nightstands are prime examples. With an open mind and a discerning eye, you'd be surprised what you can discover while scouting your own home! The ideal nightstand substitute should have a height that works and a level top — though you can place a tray on top of a slightly uneven or textural surface to make it work.

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Source: Honor and Folly [2]

While we wouldn't consider vintage suitcases the most convenient travel accessory, this charming inn [3] uses a stack of them as a nightstand — just think of the storage possibilities!

Source: Annilygreen [4]

Designer Annie from Annilygreen [5] used a couple of extra chairs to serve as nightstands in her bedroom. While the chairs have a concave surface that can be tricky in some circumstances, they're perfect for holding her globe-shaped lamps.

Source: Lark & Linen [6]

Jacquelyn from Lark & Linen [7] transformed a few empty wine crates with some wood stain. We love how they add an element of rustic warmth to her airy bedroom!

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