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Open House Recap: Winter Worries

Last weekend I asked you to tell me about all of your Winter worries. Is the heating repairman your best friend these days? Are your floorboards creaky and contracting with the cold weather? Is there a squirrel storing nuts in your pipes? Are your neighbors less than diligent about keeping up with their outdoor maintenance?

A lot of readers responded with their Winter worries.

Aimeeb said, "Ice is a huge issue. Any natural ways to get rid of it would be great."

Neural's concerned about "Icicles! I'm in a 2-story townhouse and there's no covering over my front stoop so when the icicles form on the roof, I'm scared to death they're going to fall on me or my daughter while we're entering/exiting the townhouse. I've seriously considered getting hard hats or something to wear when the icicles are out but I feel ridiculous. And, no, the icicles aren't reachable with a broom or anything that could knock them down."

Raieven said, "My windows leak water and the wall underneath the window in the kitchen "cried" the other night, the paint was bubbling and when we pressed the wall more water came out. We need double glazed windows but the landlord is not going to provide them."

To find out what else has us worrying this Winter, just read more.
Cjanetyp says, "My biggest winter woe is the heating bill. I have a big house with two heating units so even though I just got new energy-efficient, very high-end windows my bill was still almost five hundred smackers. We run the fireplace for heat in the family room and that works well but once the fire dies down, the fireplace pulls warm air from the rest of the house. So, our energy efficient/ cost effective solution is a wood burning stove. That will allow us to use wood which we can get free from our property to heat the house while also preventing the warm air from being sucked out. Cross your fingers!"

Bluesarahlou writes, "My biggest annoyance is the gutter above my bedroom window is cracked and it leaks. So imagine having an incredibly loud waterfall outside your window when it rains. And don't even get me started on the building managers!"

I Am Awesomeness writes that, "I wanted to alert people to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning Sad This is especially important because of high energy costs this winter — do not bring in a grill from outside to warm up your house! If you're having money issues, check and see if your electricity/heating/etc. company offers a program for low-income homeowners. DO not try to heat your house using things that are not approved for indoor use, it's so dangerous!"

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