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Open House Recap: Your Decorating Don'ts, Part I

Open House Recap: Your Decorating Don'ts, Part I

For a new CasaSugar feature called Open House, I took some inspiration from Domino's Top 10 Decorating Don'ts and asked you guys to share your biggest no-nos. Thanks to all of you who added your two cents!

There are some great bits of wisdom here — so many that I had to split the recap into two parts. I particularly love this tip from Sweet Adeline: "Do not purchase art for your walls because it matches your present decor. Buy what you like and you will enjoy it forever!" Tune in tomorrow for Part II, and to see the first 10 decorating don'ts, read more

  • ProperGray: I'd say a decorating don't is getting too caught up in "matching" rules. Beautiful design can come about from the juxtaposition of two contrast colors, prints textures or styles.
  • DesignMilk: Don't buy everything from one store!
  • Cindee_rella: Matching bedroom set furniture, i.e. bed, vanity, night stands.
  • Nomerz: Don't do something just because it's trendy.
  • WhiplashGirlchild: Don't feel that it's necessary to shove all the furniture up against the wall.
  • JHuck: Do whatever will make you happy even if others say don't. It's your room and you're the one who is going to live in it.
  • Jem: Do not use the same patterned wallpaper, curtains, sheets, and duvet cover in one room — unless you are a heritage bed and breakfast.
  • Urbanrosed: Don't just set up your living room with the TV as the focal point; let it be a place for people.
  • JustMe21: I like my furniture to match. When you have a dark wood piece and a light wood piece in the same room, it just doesn't mesh with me.
  • Littleedie: Absolutely no reproduction prints on the walls — for example, reproduction vintage travel posters, botanical drawings, perfume advertisements, etc. It's always possible to find the real thing on eBay or elsewhere with a small amount of effort.
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