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Open House Recap: Your Decorating Don'ts, Part II

Open House Recap: Your Decorating Don'ts, Part II

For a new CasaSugar feature called Open House, I took some inspiration from Domino's Top 10 Decorating Don'ts and asked you guys to share your biggest no-nos. Thanks to all of you who added your two cents!

There are some great bits of wisdom here — so many that I had to split the recap into two parts. I particularly love this tip from Sweet Adeline: "Do not purchase art for your walls because it matches your present decor. Buy what you like and you will enjoy it forever!" You can read Part I here, and to see the next 10 decorating don'ts, read more

  • NdHebert: Posters tacked on the wall! Ugh! Frames are 4 bucks at Ikea! Frame those posters!
  • Pgzapf: A big no-no to me is if you have a curio or other place to display items, don't have it so full you cannot see them.
  • 4hboys: No fake plants!
  • SweetDream: Don't sacrifice comfort for looks, because even if it looks nice, you'll hate it if you can't use it.
  • Savy1981: I don't really think leather couches belong anywhere except in offices and shrink rooms.
  • Sugarbecky: Wicker being used indoors.
  • Glam Sugar: Don't copy your mother's style!
  • JH: People who set their table when it's not in use.
  • Delia: I love adding color to walls, but can't stand it when people paint each room a totally different bold color. Do you really need a deep red dining room, a cobalt blue living room and a mustard yellow kitchen?
  • And finally, from Andrea Beckum: Don't pay attention to decorating "don'ts." What's "out" this year may be "in" the next.
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