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Open House: What's Your Dining Style?

Open House: What's Your Dining Style?

A beautiful formal dining room is like an Oscars dress of interiors: you're in love with it, but you'll only wear it once. If I had the space, I would certainly give my formal dining room the works: chandeliers, fine china, expensive chairs, and a table with room for eight (or 12!). But in my day-to-day life, it's a bit impractical to set the table for every meal. Let's face it, there's nothing I love more than eating takeout in front of the latest Netflix delivery. And for most meals I cook, a casual kitchen table will do when just two of us are eating. How about you? Tell me what your dining style is and how it has affected your decorating choices. If life were different, would you want a formal dining space, or would you still prefer more casual dining?

Photo by Ty Cole

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