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Styling Secrets From an Antiques Addict

Jan 29 2015 - 4:30pm

With an online antique shop [1] brimming with everything from European furnishings to a huge selection of old hotel souvenirs and silver, it's no surprise that owner Lynn Goldfinger uses her San Francisco home to house some of her most prized finds. While her shop — the addictive Paris Hotel Boutique — has an impressive array of elegant treasures, Lynn's true genius lies in her ability to make even the most ornate antiques look remarkably fresh. Keep reading to discover which finds Lynn couldn't bear to part with and her secrets for putting a modern spin on decorating with antiques.

Source: Kassie Borreson [2]

Lynn's home is filled with great historical accents — like these two shell-shaped dishes from New York's Plaza Hotel and San Francisco's Mark Hopkins Hotel, which dazzle against the glass barware.

Source: Kassie Borreson [3]

POPSUGAR: Are there particular items that you tend to collect?

Lynn Goldfinger: Yes, my largest collection is hotel silver — vintage serving pieces from hotels around the world.

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Lynn first fell for the old-hotel feel of this antique French chandelier, which fits perfectly in her breakfast nook.

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Lynn uses this old French box with a glass lid to corral many of her small treasures. Just behind it, she displays a large map shaped like a globe in a gilded frame.

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Black and powder-blue pillows contrast beautifully with the glamorous headboard in Lynn's bedroom.

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While the dresser and '60s-era painting visually dominate this vignette, Lynn's most prized possession in this shot is the little girl sculpture. Her great grandfather gave it to her grandmother when she was just 12 years old. Her grandmother even taped a little note to the bottom of it with all the details.

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Bold turquoise bedside lamps echo the softer hues of the pillows.

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A pale blue retro tub is masterfully integrated with the bedroom's color palette.

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PS: How did your passion for antiques begin?

LG: I’ve always been a collector, even as a young child. My passion began way back with my great-grandfather, who was a second-generation woodcarver from Romania. He did most of the carving for San Francisco churches, including St. Peter and Paul, St. Cecilia, Grace Cathedral, and Mission Dolores, to name a few. His crowning achievement was his work at Hearst Castle in San Simeon. This greatly influenced my interest in art and in old and precious things, as I was introduced to and surrounded by them as a child.

Source: Kassie Borreson [11]

Lynn's shelves are filled with a mix of pretty antique accessories, family photos, and books.

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PS: Which period in history are you most inspired by from a design perspective?

LG: I like so many periods in history. If I had to pick one, I'd say the art deco period. Its elegance, glamour, and modernism are so attractive to me. My favorite buildings are art deco.

Source: Kassie Borreson [13]

Though the Champagne button sign looks like it could be a relic from a grand hotel of the past, Lynn's friend actually made it.

Source: Kassie Borreson [14]

Lynn decorates her kitchen built-ins with old hotel silver, menus, and cookbooks.

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A cluster of sculptural white bottles and a large piece of coral add a dose of modernity and freshness to the dining room.

Source: Kassie Borreson [16]

PS: You have an impressive amount of gorgeous antiques in your home, but your decorating style still feels remarkably fresh. Are there any tricks to styling antiques in a modern way?

LG: Thank you. My trick is to have a good balance. Mix the new with the old. Be eclectic, and put a modern piece with a traditional one. I use a white palette, so things don't look dark and dated.

Source: Kassie Borreson [17]

The china cabinet is made of mirrored glass with intricate veining, giving it a subtle pattern.

Source: Kassie Borreson [18]

Lynn fills her outdoor fountain with shells.

Source: Kassie Borreson [19]

PS: Of all the places you've gone antiquing, what are your three favorite spots for uncovering the best gems? What makes these places particularly special?

LG: To be honest with you, right here in San Francisco! I have traveled far and wide and realized that most of my prized possessions were obtained right here in my backyard. Some of my favorite haunts are the monthly Alameda Flea Market, estate sales, and auctions. I think that San Francisco has had such a bohemian past that many unique treasures are uncovered here.

Source: Kassie Borreson [20]

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