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Plants That Purify: Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Plants That Purify: Mother-in-Law's Tongue

We all could benefit from a cheap and beautiful way to improve a home's indoor air quality. That's why I'm bringing you an ongoing series on house plants that are particularly good at purifying the air.

Next up in our series is mother-in-law's tongue.

Mother-in-law's tongue, or snake plant, produces long narrow leaves, that can grow up to five feet tall. While the name itself is obviously meant to disparage mother-in-laws, I think that the gorgeousness of this hearty, easy-to-care-for plant reverses that ill intent. This plant requires little care and is drought tolerant. Warning: All parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested.

Mother-in-law's tongue is ideal for anyone with a black thumb, as they will thrive under almost any conditions. Just don't leave them in a snowbank. Anything short of that extreme bad care and these plants will do right by the blackened of thumb gardener. Oddly, while most plants hate to be root bound, the mother-in-law's tongue will most likely flower if its roots are cramped in the container. Plants which are not root bound seldom blossom.


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