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The Emotional Stages of DIY Painting

Jul 8 2014 - 11:28am

So you've decided to forgo hiring a painter and muscle the job yourself — good for you! While you've probably assumed the process will include highs and lows, it's hard to predict the complexity of this emotional journey until you've done it. Fortunately, I recently tackled this endeavor (over a holiday weekend, I might add), and I'm here to tell you what to look forward to and what to avoid at all costs. Here are the moments you can expect . . .

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When You Start Off in the "I Got This" Phase

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When the Clerk Asks How Much Paint You'll Need

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When You Measure the Room in Painter's Tape

Source: NBC [4]

When You Begin to Wish For Knee Pads

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When You Realize You've Only Finished the First Coat

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When You Notice You've Painted Over Something You Shouldn't Have

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When the Color Seems to Change Once It Dries

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When You're Asked to Make a Paint Run

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When You See Your Friends Enjoying Their Weekend on Instagram

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When It's Late and You Aren't Even Close to Being Finished

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When You Try to Justify Not Hiring a Painter

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When You're Hoping Someone Will Finish For You

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When Someone Agrees to Help

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When You Celebrate Being Finished Over Cocktails

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When You Reap the Benefits of a Newly Painted Room

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